On Monday, April 29, the Office of the Assessor-Recorder will transition to a new main office phone number, 628-652-8100. For the 12 months following this transition, constituents who call the Office’s prior phone number will automatically be transferred to our new line. As part of this transition, the Office is instituting key upgrades to improve the experience that San Franciscans have when calling us. To learn more, click here.

A report on BOE-576-D is required of you by section 441(a) of the Revenue and Taxation Code (Code). The statement must be completed according to the instructions and filed with the Assessor on or before April 1. Failure to file it on time will compel the Assessor to estimate the value of your property from other information in the assessor's possession and add a penalty of 10 percent as required by Code section 463.

This statement is not a public document. The information contained herein will be held secret by the Assessor (Code section 451); it can be disclosed only to the district attorney, grand jury, and other agencies specified in Code section 408. Attached schedules are considered to be part of the statement. In all instances, you must return the original BOE-576-D.


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Last updated: 3/21/24