As of Monday, April 29, the Office of the Assessor-Recorder has a new main office phone number, 628-652-8100. For the 12 months following this transition, constituents who call the Office’s prior phone number will automatically be transferred to our new line. As part of this transition, the Office is instituting key upgrades to improve the experience that San Franciscans have when calling us. To learn more, click here.
Houses in San Francisco

Home ownership comes with many responsibilities, chief among them — paying your property taxes.

In addition to paying the regular secured tax bill, new homeowners will also receive a Supplemental tax bill(s) and possibly Escape tax bill(s). These are one-time tax assessments designed to capture the value differences between the value currently on the assessment roll before your purchase and your purchase price. Many first time home buyers are unaware of this fact.

Please also make note of the fact that Supplemental and Escape tax bills are not paid during closing or by the lender, if you have established an impound account. Please contact your lender, or loan servicing entity to understand the terms of your impound account.

Homeowners will receive a Notice of Assessed Value annually around July with tax bills being mailed after that. The annual tax bills are paid in 2 installments: December 10th and April 10th. They will become delinquent if not paid by each due date.