As of 2014, San Francisco Business Owners are offered a more convenient way to file their Business Property Statement (Form 571-L) with our office.  To file your 571-L Statement, please click the "Access Tool" button below. 

Filing the Form 571-L is required by state law and is how businesses report the taxable business property they own (Machinery, equipment, fixtures, etc.).  

The advantages of e-Filing

  • Accessible:  You can access your current and previous years' e-Filed statements anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. 
  • Accurate:  Less mistakes in processing the return, because data is loaded electronically. 
  • Convenient:  The ability to e-File 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may save your data anytime and complete your e-Filing later. 
  • Efficient:  Faster than mailing, save on postage and minimize usage of paper.
  • Reliable:  A confirmation certification indicating the date and time of filing is issued after the return is submitted. 
  • Green:  Let's go green together.  Use technology not paper.
  • Confidential:  Only the owner of the Account Number and PIN can view the statement, and it is not a public document. 
  • Retrievable:  You can view and print prior year statements.  

For more information about filing your 571-L online, please see the Business Property Manual User's Guide for Filing Form 571-L or our Frequently Asked Questions.