As of Monday, April 29, the Office of the Assessor-Recorder has a new main office phone number, 628-652-8100. For the 12 months following this transition, constituents who call the Office’s prior phone number will automatically be transferred to our new line. As part of this transition, the Office is instituting key upgrades to improve the experience that San Franciscans have when calling us. To learn more, click here.

San Francisco Business Owners are offered a more convenient way to file their Business Property Statement with our office.  To file your Statement, please click the "Access Tool" button below.  

Starting in 2021, taxpayers can use our new e-file portal to file statements: 571-L (business), 571-R (apartment), 571-STR (short term rental), and 576-D (vessel).  Please refer to your annual notice for account/property numbers and access pin for ease of on-line filing.

Filing the Form is required by state law and is how businesses report the taxable business property they own (Machinery, equipment, fixtures, etc.).  

The advantages of e-Filing

  • Accessible:  You can access your current and previous years' e-Filed statements anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. 
  • Accurate:  Less mistakes in processing the return, because data is loaded electronically. 
  • Convenient:  The ability to e-File 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may save your data anytime and complete your e-Filing later. 
  • Efficient:  Faster than mailing, save on postage and minimize usage of paper.
  • Reliable:  A confirmation certification indicating the date and time of filing is issued after the return is submitted. 
  • Green:  Let's go green together.  Use technology not paper.
  • Confidential:  Only the owner of the Account Number and PIN can view the statement, and it is not a public document. 
  • Retrievable:  You can view and print prior year statements.  

For more information on how to download and print hard copies of the Form for Business Property Statement, please go to the User's Guide and FAQ and also use our Taxpayer Help Pages at