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When the ownership is transferred between parent(s) and child(ren), the property is re-assessable to market value, unless the transfer qualifies for the parent/child reassessment exclusion.

This exclusion only applies to transfers that occur on or after November 6, 1986 through February 15, 2021.

Submission Deadline: The Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer Between Parent and Child form must be filed either within three years of the purchase or transfer of the property, or prior to the subsequent transfer of the property to a third party, whichever is earlier.  If the claim form has not been filed by the date specified in the preceding sentence, it will be timely if filed within six months after the date of mailing of the notice of supplemental or escape assessment for the property.  If a claim is not timely filed, the exclusion will be granted beginning with the calendar year in which the claim is filed.

Note: In November 2020, California voters passed Proposition 19, which makes changes to property tax benefits for families (effective February 16, 2021). Please visit the Proposition 19 resource page for more information.

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