Request Form for Notification of Individual Assessed Value for TIC Units (Chinese)

A TIC is created when a group of individuals purchase a building with the intent that each individual will occupy and own a designated portion of the building. At its core, a TIC is a shared ownership of a single property among two or more people.

As such, there is no subdivision of the property as there is with a condominium, so there is only one regular secured tax bill issued to the property. 

If TIC owners would like to have a notice of their individual annual assessed value, they can do so by completing this form. Please note that by completing this form, it only provides a notice of individual assessed value, and not for individual property tax bill.

Submission Deadline: Please be aware that this form must be submitted to our office by March 30th of the calendar year to become effective for the fiscal year beginning July 1st.

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Last updated: 3/26/21