As of Monday, April 29, the Office of the Assessor-Recorder has a new main office phone number, 628-652-8100. For the 12 months following this transition, constituents who call the Office’s prior phone number will automatically be transferred to our new line. As part of this transition, the Office is instituting key upgrades to improve the experience that San Franciscans have when calling us. To learn more, click here.

The documents needed to transfer the land or real property (affidavit, deed, declaration, order etc.) may be obtained through a title company, a real estate attorney, stationery stores or various websites.

Reminder:  Documents are examined only to determine if they meet “Recording Requirements,” which are very different from legal requirements. It is highly recommended that you speak with an attorney, title company representative, or other authorized individual for assistance. Only documents permitted by law may be recorded. 

The legal description and Assessor block and lot numbers of the property as well as owner of record (information that will be needed for the new document) can usually be found on the last recorded deed (or other transfer document) to the property.

Death of a Joint Tenant Transfer

  1. Affidavit of Death form:  Please be sure that the Assessors Parcel Number (APN), also known as Assessor Block and Lot Numbers, AND street address of property are specifically listed on the FIRST page of the document.
  2. Certified copy of Death Certificate: It must be original certified copy with the raised City seal.
  3. Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (PCOR) form

Add Name/Delete Name/Change Vesting

  1. Some type of deed (Grant, Quit Claim, etc.): Our office will not make a statement as to which type is best. Please be sure that the Assessors Parcel Number (APN), also known as Assessor Block and Lot Numbers, AND street address of property are specifically listed on the FIRST pageof the document.
  2. Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (PCOR) form
  3. Transfer Tax Affidavit
Reminder: Although we would like to give you as much information as possible, under California law, our document examiners are PROHIBITED from providing legal advice or assisting in document preparation. (Section 6125 of the Business and Professions Code).
Our hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except legal holidays.
We are located in Room 190 at City Hall (1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco).
When recording documents in person, payment for recording fees and transfer taxes (if applicable) may be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard, checks (with preprinted name and address), or money order payable to SF Assessor-Recorder.
Electronic Recording (e-recording) is the process of recording documents via a secure internet portal that would otherwise be sent by mail or courier to the San Francisco County Assessor-Recorder’s Office. Note that only Title Companies, Title Insurers, Banks, and Government Entities, may submit documents via e-recording. Please check with your title company, title insurer, or bank to see if they are authorized to submit in San Francisco County.

The Assessor Parcel Number(s) is the same as the Assessor Block and Lot Numbers. You can find these numbers on your property tax bill. Another easy way is to use visit the Property Map tool on the San Francisco Planning Department website, and type in your property address, then click SEARCH.