SAN FRANCSICO -- Assessor Carmen Chu, Co-Chair of the Economic Recovery Task Force,  issued the following statement in response to the passage of Proposition H in San Francisco in the 2020 November Election:


“Passing Prop H is a win for our economy. It creates more flexibility and certainty for new businesses to invest and open in our neighborhoods.  As co-chair of the City’s Economic Recovery Task Force, we heard from thousands of San Franciscans about the need to remove red tape especially with an unprecedented global pandemic. Prop H provides a way forward for businesses to adapt by allowing them to open without lengthy permitting processes, streamlines requirements around workspaces and entertainment venues, and enables us to continue our popular Shared Spaces Program. Even though the full impacts of COVID-19 are not yet known, it is clear that we will need all the tools in our toolbox to reverse the presence of boarded-up storefronts in our commercial corridors.”



Pub Date: 
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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