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2011 - 2012 Temporary Homeowners' Property Tax Reduction / Informal Review


If you think that the market value of your property has declined, and you are the owner of a single family dwelling, residential condominium, townhouse, live-work or cooperative unit, then you may request a temporary homeowners’ property tax reduction (also known as an informal review) by contacting our office. The temporary homeowners’ property tax reduction is a simple process that requires the homeowner to fill out and submit a one-page form (SpanishChinese) for each year they wish to receive a reduction.


This year, property owners may start submitting requests for a temporary reduction starting January 3, 2011 through March 31, 2011. Once our office has received and reviewed all requests, we will notify property owners of our decision by sending a Notice of Assessed Value Letter (Approve, Decline) via mail in July of the same tax year.


To start the temporary homeowners’ property tax reduction process, please download a copy of the Temporary Homeowners' Property Tax Reduction Request Form and email it to Or, you may download the form, fill it in online, print, and mail a hardcopy to: Assessor-Recorder, ATTN: Property Tax Reduction, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, City Hall - Room 190, San Francisco, CA 94102. Property owners may also follow the same steps as above and submit a completed form via facsimile to (415) 554-7915 or feel free to drop it by our office 


Requesting a temporary reduction does not preclude property owners from filing a Formal Appeal with the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB), an independent body established to hear and resolve valuation disputes between the Assessor and taxpayer. Assessment appeals may be filed from July 5, 2011 to September 15, 2011. A $60.00 filing fee is due at the time of application and the AAB will schedule a hearing for you at a later date.  Applications may be obtained by contacting the Assessment Appeals Board – Clerk of the Board at  1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, City Hall – Room 405, San Francisco, CA 94102, by phone: (415) 554-6778 or directly from their website.



Temporary Homeowners' Property Tax Reduction Process Diagram (.pdf) 

 Download Temporary Homeowners' Property Tax Reduction Application (English) (.pdf)  Frequently Asked Questions (English) (.pdf)
 Download Temporary Homeowners' Property Tax Reduction Application  (Chinese) (.pdf)  Frequently Asked Questions (Chinese) (.pdf)
 Download Temporary Homeowners' Property Tax Reduction Application (Spanish) (.pdf)  Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish) (.pdf)

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